Homegrown Produce

All of our food and products are Homegrown and Homemade at Lower Hampen Farm. Below is selection of our products, many often limited and produced in small numbers and batches.


We also regularly attend Stroud farmers market (2nd Saturday of the month, 8am-2pm), where you can see our produce for sale in person and take away with you that day.


Please email lydia@homegrownathampen.co.uk to find out current availability and how to purchase.

Our Woven Wool

These beautiful woven products are made for us by Curlew Weavers in Dyfed, Wales, a traditional family run mill specialising in wool from rare and traditional sheep breeds. Our Devon Closewool yarn is combined with the luscious dark wool of the Hebridean sheep and the beautiful soft tones of the Shetland to produce our first range of accessories.

Scarves (23cm x 200cm) – £25.00

Light or dark coloured – striped


Throw (142cm x 170cm) – £110.00

Light or Dark coloured – striped
Light or Dark coloured – checked


Large Blanket (142cm x 215cm) – £150.00

Light coloured – striped
Light coloured – checked

Knee Blanket (140cm x 82cm) – £85.00

Light coloured – striped
Light or Dark coloured – checked


Cushions (45cm x 45cm) – £45.00

Feather pad included


Our Originals

One-off products, that have been hand woven, plant dyed and created by Lydia using fleece from our Devon Closewool flock. 

Our original product stock changes regularly, so please email Lydia (lydia@homegrownathampen.co.uk) for a list of what we have currently have for sale.


Cushions (including feather pad)

52cm x 30cm – £75.00
40cm x 30cm – £65.00


Table Runner

45cm x 123cm – £60.00

Our Homegrown Devon Closewool Fleecewool

Our wonderful Devon Closewool sheep produce a bountiful dense fleece of good staple length. The fibre is very versatile and strong and easy to spin and dye.The yarn is perfect for outerwear and blankets, sweaters, hats and mittens. It can be used for knitting, weaving, crotchet and many other art/craft practices.


Natural Fleecewool

Unwashed Natural Fleece (straight from the sheep) approx. 3kg – £10.00
Washed Natural Fleecewool 200g -£4.50
Washed Natural Fleecewool 100g – £2.50
Washed, Carded Natural Fleecewool Batt 50g – £3.50
Washed, Carded, Planted-dyed Fleecewool Batt 30g – £4.50

Felted rabbits made by Jill Hutton.

Our Natural Yarn

Our natural yarn has been professionally spun by Curlew Weavers and is offered as both Double Knit (3ply) weight and Arran (4ply) weight.

Double Knit (3-ply)
100g skeins (length approx. 200-240m) – £11.00
100g ball (length approx. 200-240m) – £13.00

Hand knitting gauge 10 WPI  |  5 Stitches/inch  |  7.5 Rows/inch
Arran Weight (4-ply)
200g skeins (length approx. 240-320m) – £20.00
100g ball (length approx. 120-160m) – £13.00
Hand knitting gauge 9 WPI  |  4.5 Stitches/inch  |  6 Rows/inch

Our Plant Dyed Yarn

Lydia has been experimenting with dyes from plants grown in the garden and from the farm using age old recipes some dating as far back as medieval times. The dyed skeins offered have been thoroughly washed to ensure they are colourfast. As with all dyes, including commercial dyes, it is advised not to expose the wool to long periods of direct sunlight which may cause fading of the colour. It is difficult to replicate plant dyed material across different batches so skeins on sale must be considered as unique. Stock of plant dyed fleecewool and yarn is always changing so please ring or email Lydia to discuss what colours are available or to pre-order colours that you would like.


Plant Dyed Yarn
DK 100g Skeins – £18.00
Arran weight 200g Skeins – £28.00

Our Lamb & Mutton

Our flock of pedigree Devon Closewool sheep graze our permanent pastures rich in herbs and wild flowers providing a healthy natural balanced diet.The lambs are allowed to grow naturally at their own pace making for delicious sweet meat. We butcher only a small number of lambs at any one time only when they reach their optimum weight. The meat is sold in half lamb packs beautifully butchered and vacuum packed into leg and shoulder joints, loin chops, cutlets and chump chops, mince, and either heart or kidney. Joints can be left whole or halved. Pre-ordered meat can be purchased fresh (please see noticeboard for dates) but generally lamb is sold in freezer packs.


We are delighted that mutton is now back in favour, it is a wonderful meat for use in curry’s and casseroles. Mutton requires long slow cooking to make it melt in the mouth but it really is worth it.


Please ring Clive or Lydia on 01242 820295 if you would like to order lamb or mutton. We offer free delivery within a 5-mile radius of the farm or customers are very welcome to pick up their order direct from the farm. We encourage people to visit us so we can show off how well we care for our sheep. Deliveries further afield can be arranged by courier at extra cost.


Medium size half lamb pack 6-8.5kg – £75.00
Large size half lamb pack 9-12kg – £85.00
1 kg packs diced mutton – £13.00

Our Candles & Honey

We are very keen beekeepers and look after seven hives situated in three apiaries on the farm.The farm provides a great diversity of pollen and nectar plants from the meadows, herb leys and woodland as well as our arable crops. Bees are also essential to pollinate our sainfoin crop which we grow for seed.Sainfoin, a legume, is a wonderful nectar source for bees and produces the most delicious summer honey.An added bonus is the golden beeswax produced when the bees feed on this plant.This wonderful wax we make into candles and tealights.We harvest only surplus honey and always leave the bees enough stores to keep them fed and healthy.


Facts about beeswax

  • For every 1lb (454g) of beeswax, honeybees have to collect nectar from nearly 33 million flowers
  • 75,000 honeybees work together to make 1lb (545g) of beeswax
  • A honeybee makes 8 scales of beeswax in 12 hours.At least 1000 wax scales are needed to make 1/500lb (1g) of beeswax



1lb (454g) summer honey (runny) – £6.50
8oz (227g) summer honey (runny) – £3.50
1lb (454g) spring honey (set) – £6.50
8oz (227g) spring honey (set) – £3.50

100% Pure beeswax tealights and candles

Small hexagonal beelights (approx. 3-4 hours burning time) – £2.50
Small sunflower beelights (approx. 4 hours burning time – £3.00
Medium hexagonal beelight (approx. 6-8 hours burning time) – £4.50
Large pillar candle (approx. 22-24 hours burning time) – £12
Christmas Tree candle (75mm high x 45mm dia.) – £5.00
Star (30mm high x 75mm dia) – £4.50

Our Sainfoin Seeds

Sainfoin is a very deep rooted legume capable of growing on the driest Cotswold limestone soils and is extremely drought resistant.It is a uniquely wonderful plant both for the soil and as a forage crop for farm livestock and bees and other insects. Sainfoin contains tannins which aid protein absorption in livestock resulting in faster liveweight gains when compared to any other forage.From an environmental perspective, the tannins in sainfoin also help reduce methane production in ruminants and it never causes bloat.Sainfoin also has natural anthelmintic properties thereby reducing the need for artificial wormers that do so much harm to the soil ecology.On our farm we grow sainfoin for seed which is then added to other herbs, clovers and grasses for environmental herb leys. The added benefit to us is that it produces the most delicious honey!

We would like to encourage everyone to plant some beautiful sainfoin in their gardens and paddocks to encourage bees and other insects.


Small packets of seed 8g (approx. 300 seeds)

Small packets of seed 8g (approx. 300 seeds) – £1.50
Medium packet of seed 100g – £9.00
Large packet of seed 250g – £20.00

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