Pasture for Life

In February 2021 we were delighted that our application to become certified by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association was successful. This means that all lamb meat sold from our pedigree flock of Devon Closewool sheep will be able to carry the Pasture for Life certification mark. The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association promotes the unique quality of produce raised exclusively on pasture, and the wider environmental and animal welfare benefits that pastured livestock systems represent. In addition, certification provides customers with traceability of their food, all meat and dairy products can be traced back to the farm.

Pasture-fed meat is scientifically proven to have greater health benefits which include lower total fats, increased omega-3 fatty acids and increased vitamins and minerals as compared to grain-fed meat.

At Lower Hampen Farm, we are constantly looking to improve the diversity and productivity of our pastures. By encouraging a broad range of different grasses, herbs and other forbes we not only give our sheep a naturally balanced diet but also extend the grazing season and have pasture that can better withstand periods of drought or deluge. Diversity of plants will attract greater diversity of insects, attracting more birds and mammals and creating a healthier environment. We believe that farming should be about working with nature.

If you have an interest in real and healthy food, care about the welfare of farm animals and are passionate about protecting the countryside for future generations to enjoy, we would encourage you to join the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association. Members can participate in an online forum, study tours, farm visits and other networking opportunities and can learn more about raising cattle and sheep entirely from pasture, as well as make links with buyers and sellers of livestock and produce.