Blankets & Throws


These beautiful woven products are made for us by Curlew Weavers in Dyfed, Wales, a traditional family run mill specialising in wool from rare and traditional sheep breeds.



Available in 4 Sizes
Blankets – 142cm X 215cm (56” X 85”)
Throws – 142cm X 170cm (56” X 67”)
Knee blankets – 100cm x 142cm (39” X 56”)


Natural Collection – Devon Closewool, Hebridean and Shetland Wool
Available in checks and stripes

Our Devon Closewool yarn is combined with the luscious dark wool of the Hebridean sheep and the beautiful soft tones of the Shetland to produce our first range of accessories.


Blue and Green Collections – 100% Devon Closewool
Available in 3 striped colourways; light, medium and dark
These collections are made from 100% Devon Closewool yarn entirely homegrown at Hampen. These blankets and throws are extremely warm and hard wearing and easy to wash on a machine wool cycle.


Our Wool Products are Pasture for Life Certified
The fibres and dyes used are from regenerative agricultural practices that are beneficial and nourishing to the  ecosystem and biosphere as a whole. All sheep are fed on pasture and homegrown forage that has had no artificial fertilizers or chemical sprays. The sheep are kept to the highest welfare standards.


At the end of their useful life, all products are fully compostible and can be returned to nourish the soil.

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Additional Information

Blanket – 142cm X 215cm (56” X 85”), Throw – 142cm X 170cm (56” X 67”), Knee blanket 100cm x 142cm (39” X 56”)


Natural (Devon Closewool, Hebridean & Shetland wools), Dark Blue (100% Devon Closewool), Mid Blue (100% Devon Closewool), Light Blue (100% Devon Closewool), Dark Green (100% Devon Closewool), Mid Green (100% Devon Closewool), Light Green (100% Devon Closewool)


Checked, Striped